A Closer Look at E-Cig Do’s and Don’ts

Definitely, e-cig is odorless, tar-less, and environmentally friendly choice to a conventional cigarette. On the other hand, this does not denote that an e-cig is completely maintenance or hassle free. With this in mind, let us have a closer look at e-cig do’s and don’ts.

E-Cigarette Do’s

Do #1: Do clean your e-cigs.E-Cig Do’s and Don’ts

Cleanse the atomizer and the brass contact of the e-cig battery through the aid of a paper towel or hair free cloth. You must if possible utilize a bit of hand sanitizer, and you must do the cleansing job prior you place into the appropriate e-cig charging device. This will enable oxidation from transporting to the charger from the battery. Appropriate preservation is significant for excellent contact amid the battery and charger. It will not only intensify the life span of the apparatus but the performance as well.

Do #2: Do dispose your atomizer regularly.

Make certain to dispose of your e-cig atomizer regularly. Once you are not replacing e-cigarette cartridges regularly, there are certainly extreme quantity of debris in e-liquid within the compartment and this type of thing may possibly wind up obstructing the compartment which directs to weak functioning.

Do #3: Do read troubleshooting instructions.

As soon as you purchase e-cigs, you must read the troubleshooting instructions within the starter kit. It is significant to teach yourself concerning the appropriate preservation.

E-Cigarette Don’ts

Don’t #1: Do not bring e-cigs assembled.

For this idea, you require not eliminating the e-cig cartridge from the atomizer. Instead, you can merely unfasten the combo of atomizer and cartridge from the e-cig battery, and store it within your pocket, bat or purse. This type of preventive measure will save you from abruptly triggering your e-cig.

Don’t #2: Do not let the e-cig battery become wet.

You can avoid liquid from getting within the battery by being cautious and inspecting it. For that, you ought to take out the atomizer from the e-cig battery. And you will desire checking whether any fluid is in attendance within the battery contacts as well. If you notice any liquid present on the battery contacts, you have to clean up your e-cig. In this circumstance, you ought to clean both battery contacts and atomizer through the aid of a hair free cloth or paper towel.

Don’t #3: Do not set your E-Cigs with the LED end on a downward angle.

You have to be cautious that there is certain liquid within the cartridge which is connected to the atomizer. If there is any possibility that this liquid is forces out by gravity and not vaporized properly, it can go exactly to the e-cig battery; that is why it is at all times recommended to take out the atomizer/cartridge from the battery once it is not in use so that you can avoid any liquid from getting into the battery.

Don’t #4: Do not put together your atomizer and battery whilst there is any noticeable liquid on the brass contacts.

You have to be careful concerning the attendance of liquid at all times. If you ever notice any liquid within it, you have to clean it by way of hair free cloth or paper towel. You have to utilize a bit of hand sanitizer for the most excellent outcome. Since hand sanitizer includes small quantity of alcohol, which aids eliminate any type of accumulated oxidation and aids accelerate the drying process.

Don’t #5: You must not breathe in on your e-cig while you notice the LED flashing

If you inhale your e cig while the LED is flashing, it would consequence in dripping within the cartridge and it can further destroy this element seriously. Once the e-cig battery is flashing, this denotes that you ought to hold up or your battery requires charging.

Don’t #6: Do not put any opened e-cig atomizer or cartridges

You must not put any opened e cig cartridges or atomizer on an opened cartridge fastened in your e-pack, since it can ooze and instigate harm to your e-pack.

Don’t #7: Do not use e-cigs with any dry atomizer or without atomizer fastened to it

Any new atomizer comes armed with a defensive cap. You have to connect a new e cig cartridge on the atomizer.

These do’s and don’ts should be remembered if you want to maximize the life of your e-cigs and your life as well. Remember these tips and you will never go wrong with the use of these products.

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